breeding my best friends wife

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Description: There is always a process you sluts go through when you slowly have to work through just why all this degrading and filthy porn gets you so wet, even when society tells you only vanilla sex is normal. Lets take a visual look at just what you go through so you can figure out just what step you’re on now. Step 1: Shock From the first time you happened across not so vanilla porn you were surprised just how much is resonated with you. You couldn’t fathom that someone could like this so you just told yourself you were disgusted by it. Yet even after you got over the initial shock you found your mind always wandering back to just how happy she looked serving a man. Step 2: Denial You just cant keep those filthy thoughts out of your head and instead of accepting that they get your cunt wet you keep lying to yourself and telling yourself they are wrong, or that only freaks like that stuff. Even as you feel your cunt drip you choose to ignore the heat rising in your body and instead focus on the fact that you’re a “strong independent woman”. Step 3: Anger You suddenly find yourself filled with the need to prove you’re not into being degraded or talked down to. Maybe you go join a feminist rally to yell in men’s faces so you can forget about just how much you wish they would just tell you to shut up and suck their cock. Usually this phase lasts until the slut simply cant take it anymore and gives in, moving us to the next step. Step 4: Bargaining You keep telling yourself it’s just a harmless fantasy, that just because you masturbate to women being abused and humiliated, it doesn’t mean you want that done to you. Many sluts that come to my blog are stuck on this phase, and need a bit of help accepting what they are. Step 5: Guilt Naturally the next thing you sluts feel is an overwhelming sense of guilt as you slowly begin to accept that you get off to male superiority, and that the thought of being controlled and used by men gets you wetter than you thought possible. You find yourself just hoping that none of your friend or family find out what a dirty slut you are so you shamefully delete your history after every masturbation session. Step 6: Acceptance Finally after so many amazing orgasms and hardcore fucks your mind can finally rest easily as you accept your place as an inferior fuck toy. No more fighting yourself, no more shame or fear that you will change forever, you know what you are and you even find it funny you fought it for so long. Now you let men decide the things for you, as you focus on more important things like looking sexy and making men cum.
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